Addition Content

  1. Static addition of units
  2. Static addition of tens
  3. Static addition of hundreds
  4. Static addition of units and tens
  5. Static addition of tens and hundreds
  6. Static addition of units, tens, and hundreds
  7. Dynamic additions with units
  8. Dynamic addition with tens and units
  9. Dynamic addition with hundreds, tens, and units
  10. Dynamic addition with thousands, hundreds, tens, and units

4 thoughts on “Addition Content

  1. Hi Anna – I am not understanding how the Series A guidebooks fit into the Level 1 workbooks and manual – are they to be used together? I think the Level 1 manual helps in introducing concepts/helps explain how to do the Level 1 workbooks. How are the Series A manuals used? Thank you so much. Sincerely, Rebecca


    • Rebecca you are correct that the Level 1 manual and workbooks are to be used together and the manual does introduce concepts and explains how to do the workbooks.

      The Series A manuals can be broken up into two groups:

      The Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Algebraic Operations, and Solving Equations manuals are used as a quick reference guide and give an overview of concepts covered in the core program from all levels and show how to present them.

      The Games and Activities, Functions and Relationships, Story Problems (algebraic) are also used as a quick reference guide and give an overview of concepts covered in the core program from all levels but also include some topics and applications not found in the core materials. These three manuals also show how to present the concepts contained in them.

      The Series A Manuals are supplementary to all the other books and are a good resource to have.


      • Thanks, Anna. That’s helpful! Would love to see some sample pages up when you get the time. Appreciate all the work you’ve put into this site. It is very helpful and clear.


      • Thanks Rebecca. I do want to put a lot more content up including sample pages from the Series A Manuals. It’s just a time thing at the moment but more is coming.


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