My Collection

Excellent quality with lots of product available to choose from.

Good quality and in some ways on par with Mortensen more than Math but unfortunately limited product available to choose from as the company went out of business years ago.
Decent quality but limited product to choose from as far as blocks are concerned. The plastic is a softer plastic which can warp. The width and height of the blocks are not uniform. The decimal and algebra inserts add weight and bulkiness and produce an unevenness in the blocks and they also tend to come out when the blocks are moved around too much. That being said the blocks are still really useful and fun to play with.IMG_0648

4 thoughts on “My Collection

  1. I am in the process of printing out the Curious Counters’ Compendium and the Supremely Simple Subtraction books on cardstock. My plan is to laminate them and have them bound. My clients are hard on materials.
    Due to budget constraints, this project won’t be done soon.

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    • What a neat idea Kirk.They will not only last longer but then you can use erasable markers on them. And yep with little kids it’s definitely best to laminate things when you can. A more affordable alternative might be to use plastic page protectors and a duo-tang or small binder to hold them.


  2. It isn’t the laminating that is slowing me down, it is the printing. Seventy cents per page adds up very quickly.


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