Addition Subtraction Kit

The Addition Subtraction Kit is a visual tactile method of working towards addition and subtraction facts mastery. Watch this video to see just how easy it is for even the youngest of children to understand the concept of addition and subtraction with this kit. The kit you see below comes with a deck each of addition and subtraction cards and a 10 bar. I will post pictures of them soon. The young student who worked this problem becomes somewhat overwhelmed when there is more than one card in the tray at a time so we pile them up outside the tray and put just one card in at a time. We also give the 10 bar a home outside the tray until it is needed for a problem. We are able to finish quite a few problems this way. I would love to post a video of this student working because it is amazing to watch him work but I’m a firm believer of not posting videos and pictures of children on the net so you will just have to believe me when I tell you that he LOVES it and it has been AWESOME for me to watch his confidence and skills grow with the use of this kit.


4 thoughts on “Addition Subtraction Kit

  1. Hello!

    I am trying to understand how this product is used. I think i get the jist of it, but i wondered about the 8 sections containing equations. The blue is addition and the yellow subtraction, but why are there four compartments for each? I figured that static and dynamic addition would each get their own section…are there other kinds?




    • Jessica the kit is designed to teach basic addition and subtraction facts by helping children internalize the concepts of regrouping and reshaping. You could sort the problem cards into different compartments from easy to difficult and static versus dynamic. You could also fill the compartments with just addition cards or just subtraction cards. Or you could sort the cards with specific augends, addends, minuends, and subtrahends. Really it is up to you if and how you sort the cards in the compartments. You can also turn the cards over to the answer side and make up your own problems as this kit includes addition, subtraction, and same as sign cards. There is no right or wrong way to put the cards in the compartments. Be creative and do what works for you and your child. The beauty of this kit is that it is visual, tactile, and has control of error built in.


      • Okay, thanks! I guess i was wondering if there was a specific reason why there are four/eight compartments. Me background in montessori materials tells me that if something is there, its there for a reason. Is it just because they fit conveniently over the top of the number bars? Thanks!


      • My opinion is that they are mostly there just to fit the cards in conveniently over the top of the number bars as there is nothing to indicate otherwise in any of the Mortensen More Than Math materials. Unfortunately Jerry is not here to ask otherwise I would enquire further with him.


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