EZ Math Set for sale on eBay – SOLD!

Mortensen Math EZ Math
EZ Math blocks and workbooks

SOLD! final bid – $10.50 USD. What a great deal! I am hoping it went to someone following this post. 

If you are looking for an alternative to the Mortensen More Than Math blocks there is a full set of EZ Math blocks for sale on eBay. It includes the blocks, workbooks, supplements, place value cards, and algebra cards. EZ Math blocks are no longer being produced due to copyright infringements so you can only find their sets used. EZ Math was derived from Mortensen More Than Math so it is a good alternative if you can’t afford the real deal. The full sets don’t come up often, especially at this price, so if you want one don’t procrastinate – go buy it!


8 thoughts on “EZ Math Set for sale on eBay – SOLD!

  1. Why do you do these things to me? You know I have an addiction to base ten blocks.
    Must. Not. Bid.
    Must. Not. Bid.
    Must. Not. Bid.


    • ha ha I almost bought it outright myself. Me thinks perhaps a block ten support group is in our future 😉 but seriously this is a really good buy Kirk. The kids love the bright neon colours. They are easy to carry with you. There is some great information included plus you get the base ten and algebra cards. If ever there was a time to feed your base ten block addiction it is now with this set. Gosh now I want it again LOL 😛


  2. hi this is maha and I am interested to buy “ADDITION SUBTRACTION KIT” I loved the vedio and the way we can use those blocks. I love the bright colours of it . Please help me to order it? I live in toronto. please share your number or address that i can call or meet and ask more in details


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