Level 1 Chemistry

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Mortensen More Than Math really is more than Math!

Why did Jerry Mortensen include chemistry in the Mortensen More Than Math program? I can only speculate as to what his answer would have been but I believe that he would have stated that Mortensen More Than Math is a concept based math program so we can use the concepts of science, in this case chemistry, to introduce and teach math concepts. After all science is the application of math. Mathematical calculations are needed to explore important concepts in chemistry and bring understanding to them. And then I believe he would have asked “Why would we not use chemistry concepts to introduce and teach math concepts? and why wouldn’t we do so at an early age?” With this rationale it makes sense then that he would have included chemistry as part of a concept based math program such as Mortensen More Than Math.

There are 10 books of Chemistry.
They are like the other books – about 20 pages each.
They begin by introducing the concept of matter.
Level 1 Chemistry Books 1-2 Sample Pages


One thought on “Level 1 Chemistry

  1. My experience with basic chemistry is there is more math involved than learning of elements. Balancing equations, molar calculations, ions, and things I can not remember all require math skills.
    What I do remember from (ahem) 30+ years ago repeated saying all of the math in chemistry class gives me a headache.

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