The following is a message from Marti Mortensen the owner of Mortensen More Than Math,

“All the books and publications are available now and can be shipped to you right away.  Donna and I have been going over backorders and we believe that we have cleared them all up – but if we have overlooked any – we need customers to inform us.  Please write to us and give us a list of what you are waiting for.  We think we know but it would be very helpful if you could write to us and inform us of what you are still waiting for. We can ship them right away – we just need the information. If you are still owed anything please write to us at:

M o r t e n s e n M a t h @ i C l o u d . c o m

Thank you,
Marti Mortensen

Note: Please do not include the spaces in the above email address when emailing us. It is shown here with spaces to prevent
 spambots and web crawlers from finding it.”




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